• TVS transient diode

    TVS transient diodeProduct description introduction: Transient suppression diode is a voltage-limiting overvoltage protection device, also called TVS, full namContact Now

  • ESD electrostatic protection diode

    ESD electrostatic protection diodeIntroduction to product description: ESD discharge diode is a kind of overvoltage and anti-static protection component, which is designed foContact Now

  • Glass glaze resistance

    Glass glaze resistanceIntroduction to product description: Glass glaze resistors are characterized by good stability, large resistance range (4.7-200MΩ), low noisContact Now

  • Metal film resistor

    Metal film resistorIntroduction to product description: Metal film resistors are one of the film resistors (Film Resistors). It uses high-temperature vacuum coContact Now

  • SMD wire wound resistor

    SMD wire wound resistorIntroduction to product description: SMD wire wound resistors are made of special alloys such as constantan, manganese copper and other specContact Now

  • MOF oxide film resistance

    MOF oxide film resistanceProduct description brief introduction: The resistance range of metal oxide film resistors is 1Ω~200kΩ. The resistance is formed by the decoContact Now

  • Insert car fuse

    Insert car fuseProduct description introduction: During the production process, automobile fuse holders will have a variety of specifications, including coContact Now

  • Recoverable fuse

    Recoverable fuseIntroduction to product description: Self-recovery fuse is composed of specially treated polymer resin (Polymer) and conductive particles (CContact Now

  • 0603F fuse

    0603F fuseIntroduction to product description: 0603 fast-acting high-surge surface mount fuse 250mA-8A 32V 63V is the smallest size surface-mount fuseContact Now

  • Gold aluminum shell resistor

    Gold aluminum shell resistorIntroduction to product description: Gold aluminum housing resistance is the same as other resistances. Resistance (usually denoted by "R") Contact Now

  • UVC lamp beads

    UVC lamp beadsIntroduction to product description: UVC is a solid-state semiconductor device, which can directly convert electricity into light. As a variContact Now

  • current sensor

    current sensorProduct introduction Current sensors are widely used in many industries, such as inverters, new energy vehicles, welding machine power supplContact Now