• New energy electric vehicle socket

    New energy electric vehicle socketProduct introduction: Knowledge about charging sockets for new energy vehicles. As more and more new energy vehicles enter our lives, chargiContact Now

  • European socket

    European socketProduct introduction: 1. The AC power input is rectified and filtered into DC; 2. The switching tube is controlled by a high-frequency PWM (Contact Now

  • C13 conjoined socket R-302G2

    C13 conjoined socket R-302G2Product introduction: C13 conjoined socket R-302G2 refers to a device used to connect to the AC power provided by the mains, so that househoContact Now

  • American standard female socket American three-hole socket

    American standard female socket American three-hole socketA power plug is a device that connects electrical appliances and other equipment to the power source. According to different countries and rContact Now

  • Hot socket C16

    Hot socket C16Product title: Hot socket C16 product font socket power socket Product name: IEC socket Product model: ST-A01-003KT-WW Panel size: 31*24 ProContact Now

  • Thyristor

    ThyristorProduct description introduction: Thyristor can work bai in the DC circuit du or in the AC circuit. But when it is used in the zhi DC circuiContact Now

  • High frequency triode

    High frequency triodeIntroduction to product description: High-frequency transistors are generally used in high-frequency broadband low-noise amplifiers such as Contact Now

  • Voltage regulator transistor

    Voltage regulator transistorIntroduction to product description: Regulated power supply is an indispensable part of electronic circuit design. Its main function is to pContact Now

  • MOS transistor

    MOS transistorIntroduction to the product description: 1. In a triode, both holes and free electrons participate in conduction, which is called a bipolar Contact Now

  • Schottky diodes

    Schottky diodesProduct description brief introduction: Schottky bai-based diode, also known as Schottky barrier diode (du SBD), is a low-power, ultra-high-Contact Now

  • Zener diode

    Zener diodeIntroduction to product description: Zener diode, also known as Zener diode, is different from ordinary diodes. When the Zener diode works iContact Now

  • rectifier diode

    rectifier diodeIntroduction to product description: Rectifier diode is a semiconductor device that can convert alternating current into direct current. RecContact Now