• Winding resistance

    Winding resistanceIntroduction to product description: Wire-wound resistors are made of constantan wire or manganin wire wound on an insulating frame. It has Contact Now

  • NR series magnetic glue shielded inductor

    NR series magnetic glue shielded inductorProduct introduction: Magnetic glue inductors, because they are made by fully automated machines, they are also called automated shielding iContact Now

  • NTC sensor

    NTC sensorProduct introduction: NTC thermistor, probe assembly (combination). A thermistor assembly (combination) made of a thermistor shell, extensioContact Now

  • Temperature Sensor

    Temperature SensorProduct introduction: Based on the principle of metal expansion, the metal of the sensor will have a corresponding extension after the envirContact Now

  • Open magnetic power inductor

    Open magnetic power inductorProduct features: density design, small size, low cost, high inductance DCR and high tilt angle stability under rated current. Product appliContact Now

  • Mini5P series

    Mini5P seriesProduct introduction: Splint type TYPE C male head-riveting type c male socket-two-pin fixed card board USB 3.1 is a new USB specification, Contact Now

  • Micro USB series

    Micro USB seriesProduct introduction: Straight plug TYPE C 6P female seat 180 degrees DIP vertical H=10.0mm plug-in board TYPE C test female seat 3.1 6P witContact Now

  • Safety capacitor

    Safety capacitorProduct description introduction: Safety capacitors include two types of X capacitors and Y capacitors. X capacitors are capacitors connecteContact Now

  • Probe oven sensor

    Probe oven sensorThe temperature probe part is made of anti-vibration and corrosion-resistant material, which extends the service life. The threaded fixing fContact Now

  • Drawstring sensor

    Drawstring sensorProduct introduction: The signal output mode of the rope displacement sensor is divided into digital signal output and analog signal output.Contact Now

  • CBB film capacitor

    CBB film capacitorIntroduction to product description: Film capacitors have many excellent characteristics and are an excellent capacitor. Its main features aContact Now

  • Universal socket

    Universal socketThe three-phase jack and the two-phase jack of the old national standard are combined with a total of 3 holes; while the three-phase and twoContact Now