• Monolithic capacitor

    Monolithic capacitorIntroduction to product description: Since the overall capacitor is not a conductor, it reflects the phenomenon of electrification at both eContact Now

  • SMD wire wound power inductor

    SMD wire wound power inductorThe role of the color ring inductance in the circuit is very large, generally playing the role of filtering and energy storage, adjusting poContact Now

  • Cement resistance

    Cement resistanceProduct description introduction: Cement resistance is a kind of resistance sealed with cement (actually not cement, but commonly known as rContact Now

  • Type-c series

    Type-c seriesProduct introduction: The utility model provides a vertical connector, which belongs to the field of connector structure. The utility model Contact Now

  • USB-3.0-AF-90° series

    USB-3.0-AF-90° seriesProduct introduction: TYPE C female USB3.0 connector single-row 16P four-pin 5A high current specific specification name: TYPE C female USB3Contact Now

  • CBB film capacitor

    CBB film capacitorIntroduction to product description: Capacitors are components that store electricity and electrical energy (potential energy). A conductor Contact Now

  • 2.0USB series

    2.0USB seriesProduct description: Universal Serial Bus (English: Universal Serial Bus, abbreviation: USB) is a serial bus standard that connects computerContact Now

  • Chip multilayer inductor

    Chip multilayer inductorProduct features: 1. Small size. 2. Closed circuit, no interactive interference, suitable for high-density installation. 3. Non-directional,Contact Now

  • photoelectric sensor

    photoelectric sensorProduct introduction: The photoelectric sensor is generally composed of two parts: a processing path and a processing element. The basic priContact Now

  • Inductive sensor

    Inductive sensorThe working principle of the traditional inductive sensor is: a high-frequency magnetic field is generated by the coil oscillator, the tradiContact Now

  • Shield inductance

    Shield inductanceProduct introduction: The function of shielding inductors is to protect wires, loops and coils from external magnetic fields, and to weaken Contact Now

  • UU common mode inductance

    UU common mode inductanceProduct Description: Common mode choke, also called common mode choke, is often used in computer switching power supplies to filter common mContact Now