TVS transient diode

TVS transient diode

Product description introduction: Transient suppression diode is a voltage-limiting overvoltage protection device, also called TVS, full name Transient Voltage Suppressors, this kind of diode can limit the excessive voltage within a safe range at a speed of pS , So as to protect the following circuit.

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product description:

Transient suppression diode is a kind of voltage-limiting overvoltage protection device, also called TVS, the full name is Transient Voltage Suppressors, this kind of diode can limit the excessive voltage within a safe range at the speed of pS level, thereby achieving Protect the role of the following circuit. To quote the introduction of Baidu Encyclopedia: "TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) diode, also known as transient suppression diode, is a new type of high-efficiency circuit protection device commonly used. It has extremely fast response time (sub-nanosecond level) and equivalent High surge absorption capacity. When its two ends are subjected to an instant high-energy impact, the TVS can change the impedance value between the two ends from high impedance to low impedance at a very high speed to absorb an instantaneous large current. The voltage at both ends of it is clamped to a predetermined value, thereby protecting the following circuit components from the impact of transient high-voltage spikes. "The general use circuit of TVS diodes is as follows:

When the voltage passing through the diode is within the rated voltage range, the diode does not work, but if the input voltage rises instantaneously and exceeds the breakdown voltage of the TVS diode, the diode conducts and releases interference and clamps the voltage across the diode to the clamping voltage Below, protect the subsequent stage circuit. Let's take TVS diode SMBJ5.0A-E3/52 5V 600W as an example, its parameters are as follows:

TVS polarity: unidirectional

Reverse off-state voltage Vrwm: 5V

Minimum breakdown voltage: 6.4V

Maximum breakdown voltage: 7.07V

Maximum clamping voltage: 9.2V

Peak pulse current: 65.2A

Diode package type: DO-214AA

Number of pins: 2

Diode configuration: unidirectional

Breakdown voltage range: 6.4V to 7.07V

The reverse off-state voltage represents the normal operating voltage allowed by the TVS. When the voltage is lower than this voltage, the TVS has no effect. When the voltage is higher than this value, the diode begins to reverse breakdown gradually.

The minimum/maximum breakdown voltage refers to the breakdown voltage range of the TVS. The input voltage greater than or equal to this range will completely break down the TVS tube.

The maximum clamp voltage indicates the clamp voltage of the TVS diode when the operating current reaches the maximum value.

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