Metal film resistor

Metal film resistor

Introduction to product description: Metal film resistors are one of the film resistors (Film Resistors). It uses high-temperature vacuum coating technology to closely attach nickel-chromium or similar alloys to the surface of the porcelain rod to form a film. After cutting and adjusting the resistance value to achieve the final required precision resistance value, it is then cut with appropriate joints and coated on the surface Sealed and protected by epoxy resin. Because it is a lead type resistor, it is convenient for manual installation and maintenance, and is used in most household appliances, communications, and instruments.

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product description:

Metal thin film resistors are a type of thin film resistors. It is made of nickel-chromium or similar alloys closely combined with the surface of the porcelain rod through high-temperature vacuum coating technology. After cutting and adjusting the resistance value, the final required precision resistance value can be achieved. Then add appropriate joints at the cut, and coat the surface with epoxy resin for sealing protection. Because it is a leaded resistor, it is convenient for manual installation and maintenance. It is widely used in most household appliances, communications and instrumentation.

Metal thin film resistor is a kind of resistance material made of ceramic or glass through vacuum evaporation or sputtering. This kind of resistance usually uses a vacuum evaporation process, that is, the alloy is heated in a vacuum, and a conductive metal film is formed on the surface of the ceramic rod after the alloy is evaporated. The resistance is controlled by slotting and changing the thickness of the metal film. Its heat resistance, noise potential, temperature coefficient, voltage coefficient and other electrical properties are better than carbon film resistors. The manufacturing process of metal film resistors is flexible. Slotting can not only adjust the material composition and film thickness, but also adjust the resistance value. Therefore, a resistor with good performance and a wide resistance range can be made.

Compared with carbon film resistors, this type of resistor has the advantages of small size, low noise, good stability, and high cost. It is often used as a precision and high stability resistor, and is widely used in various radio electronic equipment.


1) High thermal conductivity porcelain core

2) Highly stable metal film

3) High reliability end cap with good pressing

4) Epoxy paint with high insulation and solvent resistance

5) Standard color code band in line with MIL&EIA

6) Wires with good solderability (copper wire pins and tinned copper clad steel wire pins can be made according to customer requirements)

Provide models and packaging methods: 1/8W, 1/4W, 1/4WS, 1/2W, 1/2WS, 1W, 1WS, 2W, 2WS, 3WS, 3W, 5W. Tape packaging, bulk packaging, forming.

Resistor notch magnification, durability, withstand voltage, temperature cycle, insulation resistance, moisture resistance, solderability, intermittent overload, and temperature characteristics. All are produced according to standard processes.

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