Universal socket

Universal socket

The three-phase jack and the two-phase jack of the old national standard are combined with a total of 3 holes; while the three-phase and two-phase of the new national standard are separated, with 5 holes; most of them are flat.

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The universal socket adopts the old national standard three-phase jack and two-phase jack which are combined, a total of 3 holes; while the new national standard three-phase and two-phase are separated, with 5 holes; most of them are flat.

Sockets are closely related to our daily lives. They are commodities with a high frequency of use. There are many manufacturers. The quality of sockets products circulating in the market varies from good to bad, and even fish eyes are mixed. For many years, the results of market spot checks by quality supervision departments at all levels have been unsatisfactory and the pass rate is low. Safety accidents caused by unqualified power strip products occur from time to time. In order to speed up the improvement of this situation, clean up and standardize the power strip product market, the CNCA requires that since April 14, 2017, the new national standard for extension cords will be enforced.

Now our manufacturers sell all the universal sockets that meet the standards, and are equipped with corresponding plugs for European, British, American and other standards, which are not only practical but also safer.

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