Hot socket C16

Hot socket C16

Product title: Hot socket C16 product font socket power socket Product name: IEC socket Product model: ST-A01-003KT-WW Panel size: 31*24 Product introduction: The socket has output ripple when in use

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Product Title:

Hot socket C16Product font socket power socket

product name:Hot socket C16

Product model: ST-A01-003KT-WW

Panel size: 31*24

product description:

Hot socket C16When in use, there are output devices that output ripple voltage and output noise voltage, so do you know the difference between output ripple voltage and output noise voltage of a power outlet?

1. The output noise voltage refers to the noise voltage that changes randomly between the output terminals, which is also expressed by peak-to-peak value.

2. The output ripple noise voltage is the sum of the output ripple voltage and the noise voltage under the rated output voltage and load current, also known as the large ripple voltage. Measure the ripple voltage containing high frequency components. It is recommended to use an oscilloscope with a 20MHz bandwidth to observe the peak-to-peak value. In order to avoid introducing the radiated noise from the switching power supply from the ground clamp of the oscilloscope probe, it is recommended to use shielded wires or twisted-pair wires as the intermediate connection to keep the oscilloscope as far away from the switching power supply as possible.

3. The output ripple voltage is the pulsating voltage that appears between the output terminals and is synchronized with the grid frequency and the socket frequency. The output ripple voltage of the socket power supply is usually expressed in terms of peak-to-peak value instead of the average value. This is because it is a high-frequency narrow pulse. When the peak-to-peak value is high (for example, ±60mV), and the average value may be only a few millivolts, the peak-to-peak value is more representative.

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