• Type-c series

    Type-c seriesProduct introduction: The utility model provides a vertical connector, which belongs to the field of connector structure. The utility model Contact Now

  • USB-3.0-AF-90° series

    USB-3.0-AF-90° seriesProduct introduction: TYPE C female USB3.0 connector single-row 16P four-pin 5A high current specific specification name: TYPE C female USB3Contact Now

  • 2.0USB series

    2.0USB seriesProduct description: Universal Serial Bus (English: Universal Serial Bus, abbreviation: USB) is a serial bus standard that connects computerContact Now

  • Mini5P series

    Mini5P seriesProduct introduction: Splint type TYPE C male head-riveting type c male socket-two-pin fixed card board USB 3.1 is a new USB specification, Contact Now

  • Micro USB series

    Micro USB seriesProduct introduction: Straight plug TYPE C 6P female seat 180 degrees DIP vertical H=10.0mm plug-in board TYPE C test female seat 3.1 6P witContact Now