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SMD power inductor and plug-in inductor which is better
- 2020-07-02-

Which of the chip inductors and plug-in inductors products we encountered in regular activities is better? Then Xiao Aoxian and everyone understand their respective advantages and characteristics;

It can be seen from the outer packaging that chip power inductors have no pins; plug-in inductors have significantly longer pins; although plug-in inductors have obvious advantages in cost, chip power inductors can reduce the labor of plug-ins Labor; the biggest advantage is that the chip power inductor has no leads; it can reduce parasitic capacitance, improve product performance, and greatly improve product quality. At the same time, the performance of the chip power inductor is better than the plug-in inductor, which is a power function, and the plug-in inductor has a shorter service life At the same time, the magnetic shielding ability of chip power inductors is better, which is conducive to the improvement of magnetic permeability and magnetic strength, while ensuring product performance.

The quality of the inductor does not depend on the package, but on the parameters. If the parameters meet your requirements, the inductance of the chip can save space on the circuit board, because the components can be arranged on both sides, and the placement machine can improve the welding efficiency; the direct plug welding technology is poor, the weldability is good, and basically no training is required!

One,SMD power inductorMatters needing attention when welding:

(1) Before manual placement, it is necessary to apply flux and solder paste to the soldering parts of the printed circuit board.

(2) Use manual placement tools to place components. Tools for manual patching include: stainless steel tweezers, suction pen, 3 to 5 times desktop magnifying glass or 5 to 20 times stereo microscope, anti-static workbench, anti-static wrist strap.

(3) Ensure that the pads are clean, and there will usually be residual solder on the reworked PCB. Generally, electric soldering iron, tin suction wire and tin suction device are used. If possible, you can use a hot air table to blow the residual solder, and then use a vacuum suction pump to suck the solder away. What should I pay attention to when manually soldering SMD components?

(4) Manual soldering of patch components, also known as manual patching, is a method of assisting machine patching. To ensure that the machine is not suitable for placement, the placement work can be carried out smoothly. The requirement of manual placement is higher than that of plug-in welding, and it requires skilled operation level of workers.

Above are"SMD power inductorAccording to the knowledge analysis of "Inductance and Plug-in Inductance", in general, Xiaoao thinks that SMD inductors are better than plug-in inductors. What do you think?

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