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SMD power inductors instead of I-shaped inductors are the general trend
- 2020-07-02-

SMD power inductors instead of I-shaped inductors are the general trend

SMD power inductorIt is widely used in current electronic products, which is mainly determined by its characteristics. Chip inductors have the characteristics of miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance. I-shaped inductors are also common in the current inductor market, with high power and high magnetic saturation, low impedance, and small size. However, from the overall trend of I-shaped inductors, its market share is getting lower and lower. Under the trend of increasingly miniaturized electronic products, the usage of I-shaped inductors will definitely be affected.

SMD power inductorThe packaging is automated production, which not only saves labor costs, but also has a much higher production efficiency than plug-in inductors, and the yield rate is relatively high. The I-shaped inductor requires manual welding, which not only requires labor costs, but also has a production efficiency far inferior to that of automated chip inductors, and the yield of finished products is not as high as that of chip inductors. Therefore, our gain inductors currently do not reproduce I-shaped inductors.

According to the current trend of the inductor market, plug-in inductors such as I-shaped inductors will gradually withdraw from the inductor market.SMD power inductorWill replace this part of the inductance, except for some special electronic products, but the overall trend is like this. At the same time, the gain inductors also recommend that customers try to replace the I-shaped inductors with chip inductors. This is not only a trend, but also a preparation for the further development of our electronic products.

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