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The role of SMD power inductors is irreplaceable
- 2020-07-02-

SMD power inductors are ubiquitous in our lives, so what do we know about SMD power inductors? Today Xiaoao tells everyone aboutSMD power inductorknowledge.

DC-DC converters are used in mobile phone power circuits. The magnetic leakage of the power inductor will cause the instability of the power supply circuit, and cause adverse effects on the circuit. The use of laminated power inductors with low magnetic leakage can solve these problems, prevent noise interference and keep the circuit stable. In addition, small magnetic leakage can weaken the electromagnetic coupling between the power supply circuit and the surrounding signal lines, and suppress the degradation of signal purity caused by noise.

SMD power inductorAnd the magnetic flux leakage monitoring data of the laminated power inductor. Compared with the wire-wound power inductor as the main power inductor of the DC-DC converter, the magnetic leakage of the laminated power inductor is smaller. Practice has proved that the closed magnetic circuit structure reduces the magnetic leakage rate. These data show that in small high-speed switching DC-DC converter circuits, small stacked power inductors can exert their strong anti-noise characteristics.

The demand for small and thin portable devices has made the size of components mounted on them smaller and smaller. The miniaturization and thinning of the DC-DC converter in the power circuit can make the switching frequency higher and the surrounding components smaller.

The relationship between the power conversion efficiency of the DC-DC converter and the performance of the power inductor is discussed. PFM refers to the mode in which the mobile phone maintains a low current load in the standby state. At this time, the performance of the power conversion efficiency is related to the AC resistance (RAC) of the power inductor and the bias characteristics of the current inductor. The RAC characteristic of each power inductor is the power conversion efficiency characteristic of a DC-DC converter IC with a switching frequency of 4MHz.

The RAC feature of LQM series products can completely suppress RAC. At the same time, the current inductance bias shows that it can also ensure high inductance when the current is energized, and has good power conversion efficiency characteristics. These properties can achieve high power conversion efficiency in the standby state of the mobile phone and help extend battery life. The function of multi-power chip inductors is under development and research. If you want to know more, please continue to pay attention to the updates of Maixiang Technology.

1. We call the circuit that completes this process "oscillator". The waveforms of the oscillator include positive rotating waves, sawtooth waves, trapezoidal waves, square waves, rectangular waves, and spike waves. The frequency range is from a few hertz to tens of gigahertz, and radio is widely used.

2. Choke: used to stop the low-frequency AC in the low-frequency circuit; cut off the pulsed DC into a pure DC circuit; often used in the middle of the two filter capacitors at the output of the rectifier circuit. The choke and capacitor in the high-frequency circuit form a ∏ filter Circuit: In order to prevent high-frequency current from flowing to the low-frequency end, the high-frequency choke in the old regenerative radio is used.

3. Filtering: The power inductor of the chip is the same as the above principle, it can also prevent the rectified DC pulsating current from flowing into the pure DC circuit. It consists of two capacitors (electrolytic capacitors) of the choke (simplifies the circuit, reduces the cost, and replaces the choke with pure resistance), forming a filter circuit, blocking the AC characteristics, completing the DC smoothing, and obtaining a pure DC.

Today we will share here, the above is "SMD power inductorIt’s irreplaceable. Everyone knows that when we purchase SMD power inductors, we will know how to choose a suitable power product.