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The role and classification of car fuse box
- 2020-07-02-

Today Xiaoao will share with you the role and classification of car fuse boxes. Cars are a means of transportation for our life activities. So what is the role of fuses in cars? Please see the following analysis;

carFuse boxIt belongs to the product of automobile fuse holder. The automobile fuse holder is specifically introduced in the article "Automotive Fuse Holder Related Professional Knowledge". The automobile fuse box is also a box for installing automobile fuses. There is not much difference between the base and the box. The base is a base type and is generally not sealed. The second box is generally included inside. Perhaps considering the waterproof and moisture-proof point of view, it is derived from the car fuse box product. According to the size of the device fuse, it can be divided into: large car fuse box, medium car fuse box, small car fuse box.

Automobile fuse boxes are generally made of engineering plastics such as PVC and PBT. Each kind of material has different high temperature resistance. Automobile fuse boxes generally require high temperature materials. Because some automobile fuse boxes need to be installed in the car engine compartment, the car engine compartment is The temperature during operation is very high. In the process of selecting a car fuse box, we should consider the current size of the car fuse used, the size requirements of the fuse, and the raw materials to choose a suitable fuse box.

Recently, some customers have inquired about the export of automobile fuse box demand and other related issues. They do not understand how to translate the product in English. In fact, its translation belongs to the fuse box category and should be translated as AutomotiveFuseBox. This is a digression, let's get back to the subject.

Let's look at the carFuse boxClassification and effects:

1. According to the installation method: it can be divided into lead type fuse box and circuit board type fuse box, and the fuse box is installed on the outer surface board.

2. According to raw materials, it can be divided into PVC plastic fuse box and bakelite fuse box.

3. According to the classification of device fuse, it can be divided into fuse box and fuse box.

4. According to the big fuse, it can be divided into small fuse box, medium fuse box and large fuse box.

Effect: carFuse boxIn fact, it has the same effect as other fuse products. When the circuit current is abnormal and exceeds its rated current, the fuse acts as a circuit maintenance barrier. When there is a fault or abnormality in the circuit, the current will continue to rise, and the increased current may damage some important or valuable equipment in the circuit, or may burn the circuit or even cause a fire. If the car fuse is properly installed in the circuit, then the fuse will fuse and block the current when the current abnormally rises to a certain height and at a certain time, and then play the effect of maintaining the safe operation of the circuit.

From a safety point of view, car fuses are generally required to be installed in the car fuse box. There are many circuit reorganizations on the car. For example, car lights, audio and other reorganizations are directly connected to the battery. The effect of the car fuse box is to avoid a short circuit and burn out. Battery. Generally, there are two fuse boxes in a car. One is used for the safety of external electrical appliances of the car, such as the safety maintenance of ECU, glass water, car lights, horn, ABS and other circuits, located in the engine compartment; and the other is used for the internal electrical Normal operations such as cigarette lighters, window lifts, electric seats and airbags are generally located on the left side of the steering wheel.

The above is about the "Function and Classification of Automobile Fuse Boxes". Do you have a little knowledge after reading it? Follow this website to learn more knowledge about electronic technology.