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SMD fuse should be shipped "5G" in 2020
- 2020-07-02-

SMD fuse should be shipped "5G" in 2020

In terms of application characteristics, the development of the electronics industry pays more attention to low power consumption and low-cost design, which also makes some fuse manufacturers focus on medium and long-term project research and major technology and key process research and development to meet future market and Customer needs As the mainstream trend of the global electronics industry has shifted from traditional computer products to handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones, coupled with the advent of the 5G era, the fuse industry is moving in the direction of miniaturization, patching and technological upgrading development of.

The mainstream trend of electronic products to mobile and consumer devices also tests the market adaptability of fuse manufacturers. Among them, Aolite also actively plans to invest more resources in high-spec power fuse products required by emerging applications, including PPTC resettable fuses (plug-ins, patches), blown fuse products, etc.

Chip fuseThe functions are:

When the circuit structure is faulty or abnormal, as the current continues to increase, the rising current may damage some circuits and have an important impact on devices or valuable devices, and may even burn the circuit design, thereby protecting electronic equipment from serious current damage And caused internal failure.

Therefore, each chip fuse has a rated specification, which occurs when the current exceeds a rated fuse. If the circuit fuse is placed correctly, the fuse will rise abnormally to a certain height. When the current is cut off for a period of time, the chip fuse plays a certain role in protecting the safe operation of the circuit.

Now that technology is getting more and more advanced, our network will get better and better. Are you ready for the 5G era?

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