SMD power inductor calculation power consumption method
- 2020-07-02-

SMD power inductor calculation power consumption method

SMD power inductorIt is one of the chip inductors, and our gain chip power inductors include the CD series and RH series of wire-wound chip power inductors and the PI series of laminated chip power inductors. SMD inductors are widely used in various fields, and they are also common in electronic circuits. Many customers are also curious about the power consumption of SMD power inductors. They do not know how to calculate the consumption of power inductors. Today, gain inductors will talk about this Calculation.

Calculate the patchSMD power inductorBefore consumption, let's take a look at how the thermal power of the coil is calculated. The thermal power of the coil is actually the active power. To calculate the thermal power of the coil, we first understand what is p-base and what is p-hybrid.

p-base is the basic active power consumed by the coil: p-base=I^2*R (where: I is the current (A) through the coil, and R is the DC resistance (ohm) of the coil) unit: watt. The p-doped is the stray loss (additional loss) of the coil. It is actually more complicated to calculate this loss, because the coil structure and wire thickness may not be the same, and different power inductors have different structures. In addition, the position of the coil is of course different, and the amount of current it can pass is also different. From various factors, this loss cannot be generalized, and the proportion of the basic loss is also very different. In low-power coils, the proportion of p impurities is very small and can be ignored. However, in high-power coils, it must be calculated item by item. There are more items for this calculation. I can't explain it to everyone here. Please understand.

The active power of the coil is actually the active power digested by this basic plus the stray loss of the coil. We can also become thermal power. The basic formula is P=p base+p miscellaneous.

Finally, when talking about inductive power, in fact, when pure inductance passes alternating current, there is only reactive power, and active power is zero. When passing direct current, both active and reactive power are equal to zero. Therefore, the power factor of a pure inductor is equal to zero. However, the actual inductance has resistance in the circuit, and the current through the resistance will consume power. If you have to calculate, you can use the following formula to calculate:

cosφ=R/√(R^2+(2πfL)^2) R is DC resistance, unit: Ω; f is AC frequency, unit: Hz; L is inductance, unit: H.

Some customers willSMD power inductorThe power consumption and power consumption are confused. Theoretically, inductance does not consume power, but it does consume power. This is well known!