Why does SQ flat line common mode inductors rise strongly?
- 2020-07-02-

SQ flat wireCommon mode inductanceWhy a strong rise

The initial development of any new product is difficult, and electronic components such as inductors are no exception. SQ flat wire common mode inductors are aimed at replacing certain magnetic loop inductors and UU series filters when they are launched on the market. The process of knowing is not so smooth. After all, everyone will think in their hearts, "I have used my original inductor well, why should I change it for you?". But the development of SQCommon mode inductanceHas begun to be favored by various industries, so what kind of magic power does SQ common mode inductors have, and can they rise strongly in a few years? After reading the following content, I believe everyone will suddenly realize.

FromCommon mode inductanceConsidering the actual application frequency band, use environment, temperature rise characteristics, insertion loss characteristics, safety standards and other comprehensive considerations, our flat line common mode inductors can seamlessly cut into the filtering design schemes of various industries. Many design problems can be avoided by using these features. It greatly reduces the troubles of engineers and improves efficiency.

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