UU filter netizens leave a message to answer questions
- 2020-07-02-

The following is Xiaoao's summary of "UU Filter Netizens' Message Questions Answers". Xiaoao has received a lot of comments from everyone on the website, and summarized a few of the most asked questions to analyze and explain with you;

1. Is the UU filter a transformer or an inductor?

Answer: Whether UU is a transformer or an inductor depends on the name of each company. Under normal circumstances, this industry is called a filter or common mode inductor. Common mode inductors are nothing more than EMI filtering. It is used to suppress electromagnetic waves radiated by high-speed signal lines. It is generally used in EMI noise suppression circuits for AC power supplies, and its main purpose is to eliminate common-mode low-frequency noise.

2. What does the common mode inductance uu ut uf mean?

Answer: The shape of the magnetic core

3. UU filter current is 1A, how thick is the wire?

Answer: It is recommended that a 0.5 square line is sufficient

4. What is the difference between the top pad air gap of the inductor UU-10.5 and the middle pad air gap?

Answer: The fundamental reason for adding an air gap in the core is to change the inductance's ability to withstand DC. Generally, if you add more, the inductance becomes lower and the ability to withstand DC is enhanced. However, after the air gap is added, the leakage flux

5. How to judge the quality of UU filter?

Answer: For the surface acoustic filter, the two input pins 1 and 2, the two output pins 3 and 4, and the input and output pins are all insulated, and they are all insulated from the shield pin 5. Therefore, a special instrument should be used to measure the resistance between the two gears. If there is a resistance value of several hundred or several thousand ohms, it indicates that the performance of the surface acoustic filter has deteriorated; if the resistance is high, it indicates that the surface acoustic filter has been damaged.

The above is Xiaoao’s explanation. Have you remembered it? We will release answers and summaries from time to time. Remember to pay more attention to the Aolite website, and you are also welcome to consult and place orders.