SMD fuse rated current suitable for the circuit
- 2020-07-02-

How much do you know about the rated current of the chip fuse suitable for the circuit? Xiaoao collected a few key points in this regard and explained to you

We know that to use a chip fuse for circuit overload protection, it must first meet the rated current of the fuse and the melting point of the fuse. However, in some circuits, even if the rated current of the chip fuse is compatible with the circuit, it will cause circuit installation failure. Then, why the patch fuse failed to be installed, I will give you a detailed introduction.

1. The interface of the patch fuse is not suitable. For example, car fuses usually use plug-in fuses and then put them in the fuse box. At this time, only plug-in fuses that conform to the circuit can be installed.

2. The size of the SMD fuse is not suitable. Sometimes the space of the circuit is too small, causing some larger fuses to be unable to be installed in the circuit. You can try to install a miniature fuse.

3.Chip fuseThe working environment temperature is not suitable. The working environment temperature of some circuits is too high or too low. After the fuse is installed, it is easy to blow or the circuit is overloaded and does not work. You can choose a fuse packaged with a special material to not be affected by temperature.

4. Some circuits are prone to arcing. If ordinary SMD fuses are used, not only the fuse is easy to blow, and sometimes the circuit is overloaded and the circuit will be burned. At this time, it is necessary to use ceramic fuses to protect the circuit, and it is difficult to effectively protect the circuit with other types of fuses.

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