The use of car blade fuse
- 2020-07-02-

Cars are an indispensable part of our life transportation. So everyone knows the purpose of car blade fuses? Xiaoao also checked a lot of knowledge about this aspect, how useful is the small 1 car blade fuse we produced;

Automotive insert fuse is a common component in the circuit. It has many types and unique functions. It is an important part of the normal operation of daily circuits. Automotive insert fuses are widely used, with the following points:

1. At each key point (or location) of the automobile circuit, there are usually plug-in or tube-type, plug-in type such as ceramic, and special junction box type insurance. There are many kinds of them, and each has its own purpose.

2. The general plug-in fuse is installed in some places that are easy to install and replace and have small line voltage (current) fluctuations. Except for special circumstances, these places are generally not easy to "burn out" and maintenance is relatively convenient.

3. Various insurance vehicle companies have different design methods. The "insurance" installed on some important and high-risk regional lines and even components with large heat output have higher requirements. Ordinary, such as some inserts, cannot be replaced.

4. The insurance of other plug-ins will be insured on the car accordingly. For example, there will be several pieces in the fuse box to facilitate the owner's usual emergency use. For details, please refer to the relevant instructions in the user manual.

There are many electrical equipment in the car circuit connected by wires of different colors, and the most not to be ignored is the fuse. Fuse is the customary name, called fuse in national standards. The function of the fuse is to protect the circuit (line) and electrical equipment.

Automobile fuse is a kind of current fuse, when the circuit current abnormally exceeds its rated current, it will fuse to protect the circuit. It is often used for overcurrent protection of automotive circuits and also used for overcurrent protection of industrial equipment.

Automobile blade fuse can be divided into: ultra small blade fuse, small automobile fuse, medium automobile fuse, large automobile fuse.

During the use of the car, if any electrical equipment does not work, it may be caused by a blown fuse and need to be replaced in time.

The above is about the knowledge points of "The Use of Automotive Insert Fuse", I hope it can be helpful to everyone. We will analyze this today. Have you all learned? By learning to choose the right product more accurately when purchasing fuses.