The difference between self-recovery fuse and traditional fuse
- 2020-07-02-

Xiao Ao will discuss with you today the "Differences Between Self-Recovering Fuse and Traditional Fuse"; which parts should we compare with? Xiao Ao will answer for everyone;

1. Structure:

The traditional fuse is composed of three parts: the main body (melt made of low-melting metal wire or metal sheet, which is the core of the fuse), the two ends of the motor (connecting the circuit and the melt, with good conductivity), the bracket ( Fix the melt so that the three parts become a rigid whole).

Self-recovery fuse (self-recovery fuse can be divided into polymer PPTC and ceramic CPTC. Polymer PPTC is composed of polymer resin and carbon black. Under normal operating conditions, conductive particles are replaced by polymer resin outside the crystal structure Tightly combine to form a chain-like conductive loop. Under normal circumstances, the resistance of the resettable fuse is very low

2. From the perspective of comparison:

When the heat of the fuse gradually exceeds that of the traditional fuse, its heat is gradually increased. Once the melting point of the fuse rises, the fuse will open. After troubleshooting, it cannot be automatically restored.

3. From the perspective of application areas, it can be compared as follows:

Self-recovery fuse: During normal operation, it will not change its crystal structure. When there is a fault current in the circuit, excessive current will cause heating. The generated heat melts the polymer resin, expands the matrix, and separates the carbon black particles to form the trip element. After troubleshooting, the carbon black particles are cooled again to form a conductive path, and return to a low resistance state, which can be reused.

The above is the knowledge about "The difference between self-recoverable fuses and traditional fuses". We will analyze the differences between them from these three points. I hope that listening to Xiaoao’s analysis will be helpful to everyone. We will share this today, welcome Every boss, please call to inquire and place an order.

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