What are the common types of fuse holders
- 2020-07-02-

About the basic principles of fuse holder fuse Xiaoao compiled the knowledge in this area for everyone, let's look at the knowledge in this area together:

As long as there is a fuse, there will beFuse Holder, Because all the fuses used need to be installed on the fuse holder. Of course, different objects have different requirements for the size of the fuse. It can be said that many types of fuse holders are closely related to the size of the fuse. So, what are the specific types of fuse holders?

1. Divided by installation type

It can be divided into two types: fuse holder and fuse holder. From the name of the fuse holder, we can know that it presents a tubular fuse holder, which is mainly erected when installed. The fuse holder is installed in a patch installation method.

2. Divided according to the size of the fuseFuse Holder

It can be divided into three types: large, medium and small fuse holders. Different electrical appliances use different amounts of current, and the use of fuses of different sizes can achieve different levels of current blocking. The size of the natural fuse is different depending on the specifications. For this reason, we have the three types of fuse holders mentioned above.

3. Divided by material

There are two types of plastic fuse holders and bakelite fuse holders, which are the two most widely used in our daily life. As the name implies, the fuse holder uses different materials and is used in different scenarios.

The above is about the types of fuse holders that I want to share with you. According to different standards, there are different types of fuses. The three points mentioned above are justFuse HolderAmong the very small types, there are those classified according to environmental protection methods, those classified according to methods of fuse holders, and so on. Hope that through the above description, it can help everyone to better understand the fuse holder.