Advantages and characteristics of flat inductors
- 2020-07-02-

How much do you know about the advantages of flat coil inductors? How much do we know about flat coils? Today, Xiaoao will take us to know those things about flat coils, come and learn together!

1. Scientific and reasonable space coordination planning: the coil is wound flat, the turns are tight and flat, the effective cross-sectional area of ​​the wire is increased, and the limited assembly space of the magnetic core is fully utilized to achieve the smallest DCR under the same volume and greatly reduce the copper loss of the product , Increase the temperature of the product to increase the current. (All types)

2. The shape of the magnetic core is fully matched with the coil plan, the leakage magnetic field is reduced to a minimum, and the shielding effect is better than that of the traditional chip inductor. (All types)

3. The magnetic core is made of alloy metal, which can minimize the magnetic loss of the product, and has a saturation current characteristic that traditional inductors cannot surpass. (CSB type, CSCI type)

4. The air gap can be adjusted freely on the middle column of the magnetic core to withstand the impact of larger current. (All types)

5. Lead directly from the pin as a welding terminal, which can completely prevent the occurrence of open circuit. (CSB, CSCE, CSCF)

6. The coil adopts Class C AIW enameled copper wire, which has strong solvent resistance, thermal stability, high softening and breakdown, radiation resistance and frost resistance (all types)

7. The special air gap structure inside the magnetic core can prevent a series of problems caused by current overload. Even if the current exceeds the extra scale, it will not cause an instantaneous decrease in inductance. (CSCI type, CSB type)

8. The surface is coated with excellent insulation performance. (CSB type, CSCI type)

The above is a brief introduction about the flat coil. I believe we should have our own knowledge now, let's go to practice and use it! If you encounter an unknown, please consult Xiaoao, Xiaoao will answer it for you in real time.