Introduction to the principle of over temperature protection
- 2020-07-02-

What is over temperature protection? Xiaoao tells everyone what the working principle of the over-temperature fuse is, these are the two problems that this article will solve for you in the next part;

The temperature controller is an electrical switch device that controls the temperature of an air-conditioned room. The temperature range in the air-conditioned room controlled by the temperature controller is generally between 18°C ​​and 28°C. The temperature controller commonly used in window air conditioners uses the principle of pressure to push the contacts on and off. Its structure consists of a bellows, a temperature sensing bulb (test tube), an eccentric wheel, a micro switch, etc. to form a sealed induction system and a signal power transmission system.

There are generally two control methods; one is controlled by the temperature change of the object to be cooled, mostly using a vapor pressure type temperature controller, and the other is controlled by the temperature difference of the object being cooled, mostly using electronic temperature Controller. The thermostat is divided into: mechanical type: steam pressure thermostat, liquid expansion thermostat, gas adsorption thermostat, metal expansion thermostat. Among them, the steam pressure type thermostat is divided into: inflatable type, liquid-gas mixed type and liquid-filled type. The mechanical type of household air conditioner is mainly based on this kind of thermostat.

The electronic type is divided into: resistance thermostat and thermocouple thermostat. The function of the air conditioner circuit system is to control the normal and multifunctional operation of the air conditioner, and to protect the normal operation of the compressor and fan motor. The main components of the circuit system are: temperature controller, thermal protector, main control switch, running capacitor, fan motor running capacitor, etc. are fixed in the control box. The picture on the left is the electrical circuit diagram of the single-cooling air conditioner. The function of the temperature controller is only to control the start and stop of the compressor.

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