The correct connection method of the chip fuse in the circuit
- 2020-07-02-

Do you know what are the correct connection methods of patch fuses in the circuit? Xiaoao technical master will explain this knowledge for everyone today;

useChip fuseIf you don’t know the correct method of use, it is easy to cause wiring errors or other errors when the SMD fuse is connected to the circuit or replaced. When the circuit is overloaded, the fuse is too late to blow. In this way, circuits and products are easily burned by overload current. So what is the correct way to use the chip fuse? The next question will be answered by the editor of Ji Diantong.

Chip fuses can be divided into one-time and recyclable according to their service life. After using a disposable fuse in the circuit, it cannot be used after overload and needs to be replaced. When the fuse box is turned on, its current will change, or the circuit will be overloaded. After a period of time, the fuse will automatically return to its original state and connect the circuit.

1. The location of the chip fuse access circuit

It is necessary to pay attention to the chip fuse connected in the circuit. Do not connect the fuse to the neutral or ground wire. The correct connection method is to connect live wires. In this way, when the circuit is overloaded, the fuse can be blown in time to protect the safety of the circuit. If only the neutral wire or the ground wire is connected, the fuse will blow in time, but the voltage carried by the positive and negative poles through the live wires may also cause the circuit to burn out. Therefore, the priority order for the fuse to enter the circuit is live, neutral, and ground.

2,Chip fuseAccess in the circuit

Usually the fuse is connected in series in the circuit. If the fuse is connected in parallel in the circuit, the current cannot be disconnected in time when the circuit is abnormal. If you want to protect multiple circuits with overload, you can use multiple fuses in series. Just in one circuit.

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