• Schottky diodes

    Schottky diodesProduct description brief introduction: Schottky bai-based diode, also known as Schottky barrier diode (du SBD), is a low-power, ultra-high-Contact Now

  • Zener diode

    Zener diodeIntroduction to product description: Zener diode, also known as Zener diode, is different from ordinary diodes. When the Zener diode works iContact Now

  • rectifier diode

    rectifier diodeIntroduction to product description: Rectifier diode is a semiconductor device that can convert alternating current into direct current. RecContact Now

  • TVS transient diode

    TVS transient diodeProduct description introduction: Transient suppression diode is a voltage-limiting overvoltage protection device, also called TVS, full namContact Now

  • ESD electrostatic protection diode

    ESD electrostatic protection diodeIntroduction to product description: ESD discharge diode is a kind of overvoltage and anti-static protection component, which is designed foContact Now