NR series magnetic glue shielded inductor

NR series magnetic glue shielded inductor

Product introduction: Magnetic glue inductors, because they are made by fully automated machines, they are also called automated shielding inductors. Japan Taiyo Yuden first introduced this product, so many people are also used to calling them NR inductors. Features: 1. Use magnetic glue

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NR series magnetic glue shielding inductor is also called automatic shielding inductor, because it is manufactured by fully automatic machine. Japan’s solar induction power supply was the first to launch this product, so many people are also used to call it NR sensor, magnetic gel sensor, also known in the industry as NR chip sensor, point-type magnetic particle shielding sensor, etc. First, we need to understand the characteristics of magnetic glue. SMR inductors are coated with magnetic glue, which can effectively reduce the buzzer sound. The electrode is directly metalized on the ferrite core, which enhances the drop impact resistance of the magnetic adhesive sensor and is durable.


1. The magnetic coating structure can greatly reduce the buzzer sound;

2. The electrode is directly metalized on the ferrite core, which has strong drop resistance and durability;

3. Closed magnetic circuit structure design, less magnetic leakage, strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability;

4. Under the same size, the rated current is 30% higher than traditional power inductors;

5. Small size, low profile, saving space and power;

6. Operating temperature range: -25℃~+120℃;

8. Inductor size: 2410~8045


1. Lighting industry: small led lights, magnetic induction intelligent lighting system

2. Communication industry: mobile phones, smart PDA devices, portable personal navigation systems, etc. are suitable for magnetic gel sensors

3. Computer industry: The use of magnetic gel inductors can ensure that personal computers, servers, laptops, and tablets have good anti-interference capabilities.

4. Traditional home appliance industry: DVD, TV, home audio and video and other home audio-visual equipment, suitable for magnetic induction

5. Security industry: Magnetic inductors can also be used in electronic scanners, monitoring equipment, and anti-theft systems

6. Smart home industry: various electrical appliances in smart locks and home control systems also need magnetic glue inductors.

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