SMD wire wound power inductor

SMD wire wound power inductor

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product description:

SMD wire wound power inductors are mainly composed of magnetic cores, metal electrode sheets and coils. The magnetic core is an I-shaped magnetic core. The metal electrode sheet is two sheets of the same shape. Each metal electrode sheet has two metal terminals. Two metal electrodes with the same shape are installed symmetrically on the bottom ends of the I-shaped magnetic core through viscous water, forming a certain distance between them. The coil is wound on the I-shaped magnetic core, and the two pins of the coil are wound on the same Or on the two metal terminals of different metal electrode plates, a magnetic shielding cover is arranged outside the I-shaped magnetic core, and the I-shaped magnetic core and the magnetic shielding cover are glued together to form a closed structure. The utility model of patch-wound power inductors has the following beneficial effects: The utility model of patch-wound power inductors is a high-density packaging magnetic shield, flat welding surface, easy-to-install metal plate mounting structure, small size, low current resistance, The characteristic of large current.


1. Surface mount high-power inductors.

2. It has the characteristics of miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage, and low resistance.

3. Mainly used in computer display boards, notebook computers, pulse storage programming and DC-DC converters.

4. Roll packaging can be used for automatic surface installation.

Product Features:

1. Suitable for power circuit.

2. Surface type adhesion.

3. Appearance size conforms to EIA standard, different sizes can be selected.

4. Good solderability and heat resistance, suitable for general soldering and reflow soldering.