• photoelectric sensor

    photoelectric sensorProduct introduction: The photoelectric sensor is generally composed of two parts: a processing path and a processing element. The basic priContact Now

  • Inductive sensor

    Inductive sensorThe working principle of the traditional inductive sensor is: a high-frequency magnetic field is generated by the coil oscillator, the tradiContact Now

  • NTC sensor

    NTC sensorProduct introduction: NTC thermistor, probe assembly (combination). A thermistor assembly (combination) made of a thermistor shell, extensioContact Now

  • Temperature Sensor

    Temperature SensorProduct introduction: Based on the principle of metal expansion, the metal of the sensor will have a corresponding extension after the envirContact Now

  • Probe oven sensor

    Probe oven sensorThe temperature probe part is made of anti-vibration and corrosion-resistant material, which extends the service life. The threaded fixing fContact Now

  • Drawstring sensor

    Drawstring sensorProduct introduction: The signal output mode of the rope displacement sensor is divided into digital signal output and analog signal output.Contact Now

  • current sensor

    current sensorProduct introduction Current sensors are widely used in many industries, such as inverters, new energy vehicles, welding machine power supplContact Now

  • Drawstring sensor

    Drawstring sensorThe cable-drawn displacement sensor is suitable for industrial displacement measurement. It has a solid aluminum housing and extremely high Contact Now