MTC series miniature fuse

MTC series miniature fuse

Product Details

Product description introduction

1. MTC series miniature fuse 8x4x5mm time-delay fuse is the world's thinnest and smallest miniature fuse, with a height of 5mm and a pitch of 5mm. It is an ideal choice for mounting circuit boards with limited space.

2. MTC series miniature fuse 8x4x5mm UL94V-0 rated flame-retardant plastic shell can withstand harsh external conditions, and high-frequency welding technology improves the stability and reliability of the fuse. Our ultra-small fuses have a wide range of current ratings and are ideal for consumer electronics applications, including LED lighting systems, chargers and power supplies. 2. Product parameters (specifications) of MTC series 8x4x5mm slow-blow miniature fuse

1. Products meet RoHS requirements

2. Size: 8mmX4mmX5mm

3. Current range: 0.50A- 15A

4. Voltage range: 250V 300V

5. Fusing speed: T slow fusing

6. Excellent anti-impact current capability

7. Operating temperature range: -55~+125℃

8. Safety certification: UL /cUL

9. There are many varieties and complete specifications, which can replace imported models

10. Comply with IEC 60127-4

3. Typical application of MTC series 8x4x5mm slow blow miniature fuse

power supply

Consumer Electronics

Industrial equipment

Industrial Controller

office equipment

LED lighting system

battery charger